Membership in the Guam Home School Association constitutes the following:

1.  Application Completion of the MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION  is necessary for membership, including the Statement of Faith and Code of Conduct.  Membership in the Association requires that members read, but not necessarily agree with, the GHSA Statement of Faith.  This policy allows the Association to be inclusive; allowing any family, regardless of belief or background, to be part of the Association. It also ensures that all members are aware of the Biblical basis on which the Association makes its decisions and plans its activities. Although the Association does not require everyone to maintain the same beliefs, doctrines or philosophy, it does require that members agree to and abide by the same code of conduct. This code of conduct applies only during those times and places that GHSA members (to include parents, designated guardians and children) are participating in or supporting GHSA sponsored activities, or when communicating through the Yahoo Groups message board. To apply for membership, please inquire through our Contact page. Click here for MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION

2.  Yahoo Groups:  Membership in the GHSA Yahoo Groups Forum. (Click on the box to join)  

3.  Involvement:  Members should become involved by participating in a minimum of one general meeting and one activity per year. It is essential for each family to contribute volunteer time in order for GHSA to function in a healthy manner. Some activities require work outside the home, while others may be done from your home. Members are encouraged to work together in small groups or co-ops to coordinate events. Members and small groups may volunteer to help in the following areas:

  • Coordinate or assist for special events or classes (see calendar)
  • Help new members by email, answering questions regarding homeschooling in general or homeschooling on Guam
  • Coordinate a field trip
  • Scholastic book ordering for the group members
  • Keep resource directory of music, home businesses of members, PE, and other extracurricular activities that members can refer to
  • Keep the web calendar of GHSA events up-to-date
  • Write curriculum reviews which help other members as they plan their curriculum course
  • Help keep our website up-to-date
  • Coordinate  association T-shirts
  • Offer a special class on an area of your expertise. Some members have skills that can be shared, such as teaching science, physical education, exercise, nutrition, frugal living, etc. If you have a specific skill that you would like to share, please discuss this with one of the leaders.

Membership Benefits

  • Periodic homeschooling support fellowships
  • Opportunity for academic enhancement and educational excellence through group activities and events
  • Group discount to Home School Legal Defense Association
  • Curriculum reviews and opportunity to buy and sell used curriculum
  • Stay informed through our Yahoo Groups and Website
  • Opportunity to promote home businesses conducive to education and the home
  • Member ID cards

Donations Appreciated.  In order to help with ongoing costs of our association, we ask members to give a donation of $50/year, which will help with costs such as our website, PO box, and some of the facility rental fees for major events and activities. You may make your annual donation of $50 through any of the following methods: 1.  Make a PayPal transfer from your account to: 2. Contact us by email to learn how to send a check. 3. Give to one of the leaders at a GHSA event.