In order to become a member of the Guam Home School Association, please do the following:


1. Fill out the Application


 2. Pay the Annual Fee

In order to help with ongoing costs of our association, we ask members to give a donation of $50/year, which will help with costs such as our website, PO box, and some of the facility rental fees for major events and activities. You may make your annual donation of $50 through any of the following methods: 1) Make a PayPal transfer from your account to: 2) Contact us by email to learn how to send a check. 3) Give cash/check to one of the leaders at a GHSA event.  Receipts are available upon request. 

3. Join the GHSA Band and Facebook Group

All communication for GHSA is done electronically.  Therefore, to know what is happening, please follow the steps below.  Please note that in order to join these groups, you must first submit your application and pay your annual fee.

a. Join the GHSA Band Group. Band is a free app that allows you to instantly communicate with GHSA and its sub-groups in a secure, private platform. First, download the app on your phone or tablet. You can also find the app on your computer at Once your GHSA application and annual payment are processed, you will be sent a GHSA Band invite.

b. In your Facebook account, search for the group, “Guam Home School Association”. This is a closed group. Therefore, you will need to click the +Join button.

c.  If you would like to be a part of our College Prep Facebook group, search in Facebook for the “GHSA College Prep Discussions” group. This is also a closed group. Therefore, you will need to click the +Join button.

4. Get Involved.

GHSA is strictly run by volunteers.  Activities will only happen if members help and participate! Members need to become involved by participating in a minimum of one general meeting and one activity per year. It is essential for each family to contribute volunteer time in order for GHSA to function in a healthy manner. Some various ways to help are as follows: help new members, post Guam happenings in our Facebook and Band groups, give feedback to other homeschoolers seeking advice, coordinate/assist in special events, co-ops, or field trips, etc. If you have a specific skill that you would like to share, please discuss this with one of the leaders.