GHSA Activities

Co-op Classes/Clubs: GHSA meets one day a week for co-op classes/clubs, planned and facilitated by volunteer parents. Classes typically run morning to mid-afternoon and vary per semester. Classes are generally split by age groups, elementary and middle-high students. GHSA Membership is required and parents are expected to be involved in some way (preparing for classes, facilitating class, or assisting in clean-up of the facility).

 Academic Programs and Competitions: GHSA enjoys competing in various Guam competitions, such as Math Counts, Math Olympiad, Math Kangaroo, Fish Bowl, and Robotics competitions.

 Social Get-togethers: GHSA has a kick-off event, usually a beach picnic.  In addition, we occasionally have Mom’s night out events, Skyzone meet-ups, and outreach events.

Special Days: We try to have some special events each year, such as Field Day, Chamorro Day, International Day, etc.

Field Trips: GHSA offers at least 2 official field trips per year.  In addition, many members organize their own field trips and advertise on the Yahoo email group or on Facebook.

 Standardized Testing: GHSA offers two standardized tests per year.  First, a GHSA member coordinates a group order of the PASS Test (Personal Achievement Assessment System) from Hewitt Homeschooling.  The PASS Test measures student achievement in the areas of reading, language and mathematics. Families take the test at home at their own pace.  A placement test assists the tester to choose the appropriate level for the student to test at and progress can be followed over time if the test is repeated multiple years. The PASS Test is only available for students in grades 3-8. In addition, GHSA offers the IOWA Test in late April or in May.  GHSA rents rooms in a local church and administers the test.  A few parents volunteer to proctor the test.