Code of Conduct

  1. Member families will act in such a way that their words and actions promote the unity and encouragement of fellow GHSA families.
  2. Member families will avoid acting in such a way that is considered disrespectful, offensive, immoral, intimidating or rude.
  3. Member families will avoid gossiping to or about other GHSA families.
  4. Member families will be responsible for their own children’s behavior to ensure they are acting in accordance with this code of conduct.

Any members or leaders of the Association that persist in violating this code of conduct are considered to be conducting themselves in a way that is  contrary to the specific and primary purposes of the Association, and may be asked to make a change or forfeit their membership.

This Code of Conduct applies only during those times and places that GHSA members (parents, designated guardians and children) are participating in or supporting GHSA sponsored activities, or when communicating with other GHSA members through electronic means.