GHSA year in review

By ghsa admin on

We have had a very busy year! Here is a report on some of the things we accomplished this school year as a group!

GHSA Business and Support:

In August we moved into our new “home” at Faith Church, called Space by Faith. This space is available for support group meetings, co-ops, storage of our supplies, ongoing lending library/book sales..  We helped to clean out the room, get an  aircon installed for efficient use of the room and organized members to clean the restrooms in order to rent the room at a low cost. We began to furnish the room and set up library. We received a large donation of books to pass on to members, as well as dictionaries for 3rd graders.

We made up GHSA shirts, began Scholastic books ordering again, and began to make teacher IDs

Fundraisers included:  2 curriculum/book/yardsales at our Space and one yardsale at Guam Plant Place; Dominoes, and Tupperware.

Set up Paypal account to more easily receive dues and provide reimbursements. Donations received from 90% of member families.

Maintained a post office box, and a  website to which we made small updates, including FAQ. as well as maintaining calendar.  Maintained  gmail account answering  many  inquiries re: homeschooling on Guam, our group, and passing on information regarding opportunities around the island to group members. Maintained yahoo group where members (approximately 60 families) have had lots of buying and selling opportunities, supported one another through questions and answers and  organized  events and activities. We maintained a  membership roster. We worked with authorities to clarify sports eligibility for homeschoolers. We maintained a GHSA facebook account.

We had three  support group/planning meetings, two in August  and one in January.  We met with several prospective/new homeschoolers at our Space to give counsel and encouragement.

We began dialogues with Pacific Islands University for opportunities to partner with them and some families attended their Preview Day.

Academic programs/Seminars included:

Middle School and High School Academic Challenge Bowl (ACB), GHSA Spelling Bee in order, sending a representative to the regional bee , Math Olympiad, Math Counts, Math Kangaroo. We entered Fishbowl competition for the first time. We had coral reef monitoring sessions,  2 Rhino Beetle sessions with folks from UOG, NAWIC Block event and we began  planning an Underwater ROV project for August.

Members worked together for a personal finance course (for high schoolers) and Chamorro language classes. A member offered some art classes and workshops.

We had an International Day and social at Leo Palace duplex.

We hosted Covenant Players for a drama workshop.

We organized SAT10 testing and PASS testing.

Field Trips:

We had field trips to: Daddy’s Donuts, Strikezone, Jungle Boat Cruise, Federal Court,  Dominos, Talofofo Falls, Grow Guam, Horse farm (July).We also had two Chamorro Month field trip outings to UOG Charter Day and Hagatna Walking (Heritage) Trail.

Fellowships and socials included picnic in August at the beach, Mom’s Night out at a restaurant in December, Valentine social at the beach.  We had our kids organize and execute their first Teen Social. Members got together to encourage each other regarding transcripts and reporting.

We had outreach (caroling) at St. Dominoes and some members adopted a bus stop to maintain.