Hafa Adai!

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The Guam Home School Association  is a homeschooling support group led by conservative Christians, with a diverse group of members from other faiths, within our membership guidelines. We are not a school, nor an accrediting/regulatory agency.  We are simply a group of moms and dads who seek to encourage one another as we each homeschool our children.
Our History

GHSA was first formed in the late 1980’s, with monthly meetings first taking place in various homes. The first Curriculum Fair was held at Ypao Beach, with other events held at a few Christian churches on island. Throughout the years, GHSA has grown to an average of over 60 families. A good representation of the military community, federal hires and other homeschooling groups can be found in our group.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to provide the support and guidance necessary to effectively home school in accordance with Guam’s public law and within the guidelines of our Statement of Faith, Statement of Purpose and Code of Conduct.

Monthly, seasonal and annual events and programs, as well as special classes are made possible through the efforts of volunteer members and leaders. These events provide the opportunity for educational excellence, character development and socialization skills that bring about a well-balanced, wholesome and enjoyable homeschooling experience.

Our Gatherings

Members communicate through a Yahoo Groups email forum. It is through this email forum that details are shared for events such as our support group meeting and field trips, annual events (Curriculum Fair, Academic Fair, Kick-off Picnic and Chamorro Day), seasonal events (Academic Challenge Bowl, Scripps Howard Spelling Bee, Math Olympiad), and miscellaneous educational classes, sports programs and related activities.

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